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Welcome, Kimberlin Knights! 

Whether you’re new to Kimberlin or you’re a veteran Kimberlin family, we are so glad you’re here! We are excited about the PTA’s traditional activities during the 2022-2023 school year!  No matter the circumstances, our PTA’s purpose still remains to make every child’s potential a reality at Kimberlin Academy for Excellence, and YOU can help support this endeavor in three key ways.

First, join PTA!  This is a simple first step to show your commitment and demonstrate the value you place on education.  By joining, you are taking a stand with other parents who stand together to support every child in reaching their full potential.  Your membership also funds important initiatives of the PTA, and supports a forum for exchanging ideas and providing input.  Join here today:  https://www.joinpta.org/

Second, stay connected!  The PTA works closely with campus administration to engage with families in order to enrich learning and provide a safe and fun environment for students.  Check the PTA calendar frequently for upcoming events and commit to staying involved.

Finally, pledge to lend a hand!  Kimberlin thrives when parents are intentional about volunteering and contributing.  There are so many ways to stay involved at Kimberlin, and I challenge you to seek out an opportunity that fits with your schedule and then commit to it this year!  

I look forward to working together with you this school year!  If I can ever help you in your journey at Kimberlin please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Cindy Medina
Kimberlin Academy PTA President